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Hello everyone, Denis Lepage here, it is my pleasure to be at your service. Long term preparation mean that You (our subscribers) and I, are in it together for while, so please, feel free to communicate and ask questions about our educational program. In the near future we will have an app that will combine all of our services. With a little more help & research, I will provide you with a weather and disaster alert system, to help you be aware of your surounding, also a check-in system for you and your loved ones, and many other services that will increase your possibilities of survival during a disaster. So stick around!


Any survival situation is inherently dangerous and could result in your or any other survivor's injury, maiming or death. The sale of, endorsement, or recommendation of any products, supplies, services, or techniques does not constitute a guaranty or warranty the products, supplies, services, or techniques will function when needed in a survival or emergency situation.  The purchase or use of products from PrepareForSurvival.Today cannot guarantee your survival or prevent injuries. Because any survival situation can expose you, or someone with you, to hazards or risks that may result in harm, personal injuries, or death, does not guarantee that the use of this of any of our products will prevent any of these risks. The purchaser or user assumes all risks and Holds Harmless, PrepareForSurvival.Today, for any use or misuse of any products purchased, or for any harm, damage, personal injuries or death as a result of the use of these products or as a result of the survival situation. Our products are for survival purposes only. Our products cannot deal with all survival circumstances a person may find themselves in during a survival situation. Select and use survival products, supplies, services, and techniques at your own risk!





About Us

About Us

In August of 1992, my wife, our two children and I decided to take a weeklong camping trip near Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Virginia. Starting our vacation on a Monday, we had a wonderful time as a family, especially while at Virginia Beach. During the week the weather could not have been better, and there was plenty of sunshine to enjoy. However, on Friday, that began to change.

We had heard during the week that a category 5 hurricane had just hit the isles and fast approaching the eastern coast. “Madame et Messieurs, please welcome Hurricane Andrew!” This storm was like few before it, boasting winds up to 165 miles per hour. It was one of the most devastating hurricanes in American history. Around lunch time on Friday, we had decided to go to the beach, but in light of the intensity of this hurricane the authorities had already shut down several beaches along the coast of southern states.

Observing the developing situation and listening to the news, it soon became evident that Virginia was about to be hit hard. Our family concluded that our safest option was to pack up the tent and leave. Preparing for survival sometimes means evacuate, and that's what we did! We left late in the afternoon and boy, we were glad we did. We had close to five hours driving to get to our destination of Norristown, Pennsylvania. Hurricane Andrew was right behind us, all the way along our hasty journey. We were listening to the radio attentively, and every single village that we had just seen was hit shortly after we passed through. Traffic got slower the farther north we traveled.

Sadly, most people in the affected area were probably not aware of the situation that was threatening their lives. Several times the storm was catching up with us, and we felt its violent power swirling around us, but I was not about to stop moving. By the time we reached our destination, we still were hit with the tail end of the hurricane. This storm was so huge that the entire East Coast reverberated with its effects for days.


Thousands of stories of this disaster appeared over the coming months. Examining the ongoing devastation, I asked myself the question, "How do I prepare for survival ?"


How close we can be to losing our lives or the precious lives of our family. It made me think of all the families who did lose their lives. I came to the conclusion that it is necessary and vital to be prepared. To be ready to leave if you have to, and know where to go in advance. To be ready early enough that you don’t get stuck in a cluster of cars, idling in traffic jams leading nowhere. And to have a family survival road kit that could be depended on in case of an emergency.

This is where my story started. I really like helping people! My entire family does. We've participated in several volunteer efforts helping our neighbors, and we've done relief work when catastrophes have struck. And now, by offering products that can help save lives in time of an emergency, we can spread the word and make a difference so that you can be prepared TODAY for survival.

Being involved in helping save lives is very rewarding, and we’ve created this website to share vital information that will help you Prepare For Survival. We are also including a data CD with each new order, full of helpful tips that will empower you to face any emergency situation. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more!

Now what about you: if a stormy sibling of Hurricane Andrew arrived in your area tomorrow, would you and your family have the knowledge and tools you would need to survive? 

 If you are a survivor of Hurricane Andrew, please send us a comment. We would love to hear your story!