Good morning everyone! 

Denis Lepage here, Founder of PrepareForSurvival.Today 

This website is dedicated to help families be prepare in case of an emergency, because, when there is an emergency of any kind, it is NOT the time to prepare or plan anything at that moment. 

So take our advise, first, look at your situation, are you alone or do you have a family to look after? No doubt you love them and want to care for them. So let see how you can plan today, to be prepared in the next couple of days, ok

Most organisations out there suggest to be prepare to survive a kit must contain enough elements to survive a minimum of 72 hours. Most of the kits we sale will give you what is necessairy for that amount of time. Should you feel that it is better to have coverage for a longer period of time? You can order accordingly, we sale additionnal items individually.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, it will be a plaisir to help you get ready.

We encourage you to right a blog and share your experience with us, we loved to ear from you.

Do you like to help people? Take to heart to share things in this section that can help someone else PREPARE, and may because of your sincere advise it could help save their lives...