FEAR of an emergency?  A disaster? A terrorist attack?  

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www.PrepareForSurvival.Today is a Division of Lepage Enterprises LLC

Hello everyone, Denis Lepage here, it is my pleasure to be at your service. Long term preparation mean that You (our subscribers) and I, are in it together for while, so please, feel free to communicate and ask questions about our educational program. In the near future we will have an app that will combine all of our services. With a little more help & research, I will provide you with a weather and disaster alert system, to help you be aware of your surounding, also a check-in system for you and your loved ones, and many other services that will increase your possibilities of survival during a disaster. So stick around!


Any survival situation is inherently dangerous and could result in your or any other survivor's injury, maiming or death. The sale of, endorsement, or recommendation of any products, supplies, services, or techniques does not constitute a guaranty or warranty the products, supplies, services, or techniques will function when needed in a survival or emergency situation.  The purchase or use of products from PrepareForSurvival.Today cannot guarantee your survival or prevent injuries. Because any survival situation can expose you, or someone with you, to hazards or risks that may result in harm, personal injuries, or death, does not guarantee that the use of this of any of our products will prevent any of these risks. The purchaser or user assumes all risks and Holds Harmless, PrepareForSurvival.Today, for any use or misuse of any products purchased, or for any harm, damage, personal injuries or death as a result of the use of these products or as a result of the survival situation. Our products are for survival purposes only. Our products cannot deal with all survival circumstances a person may find themselves in during a survival situation. Select and use survival products, supplies, services, and techniques at your own risk!






Questions About PrepareForSurvival.Today

Who are we?

PrepareForSurvival.Today is a distributor of the highest quality preparedness and survival gear in the industry. Collectively, PrepareForSurvival.Today is a team of individuals who know the importance of being prepared for any disaster. We believe in our products and all of our employees are prepared themselves with survival kits in their homes and cars.

We cannot prevent disasters but we are dedicated to helping our customers make it through the tough times which will come. We look forward to working with you to provide lifesaving tools to your family and some directions to survive the end of this system of things.

For more information about us, visit our "About Us" page.

Where are you located in Norristown Pa.     

We are using a dropship Company to provive the products to you.                                                  
The shipping warehouse are located in Boise, Idaho. Guardian Survival Gear has been in business since 2005.
They manufacture the majority of products we sell. These products have been carefully designed and manufactured by them, with the end customer in mind. 
For products that they don't produce, they partner with manufacturers that have the same vision and commitment to quality. 
They are constantly in varying stages of developing new products as well. 

If you have a special request for a product you don't see, let us know.

Do you have a guarantee/warranty?
Guardian Survival Gear, Inc. has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and we are too. If there is an issue with your Guardian Survival Gear, contact us within 30 days of product receipt, and we will give you details on the return/exchange.

How can I contact PrepareForSurvival.Today?
You can call us at 610-496-1293 or email us at info@prepareforsurvival.today                      

How can I pay for my orders? 
Orders from our website can be paid for using a valid debit/credit card.

Email notifications every time a customer's products are nearing expiration

How do I place an order?
Placing an order can be done quickly and easily on our website, by adding the products you would like to order "to your cart" and then "checking out." During the checkout sequence, you will have the chance to input your billing info, your customer's shipping info, and any other specifics. After you have successfully submitted your order, you will immediately receive an email receipt. 

How soon do you ship out orders?
We are dedicated to shipping all orders we receive as fast as possible. We usually ship all orders within 48 hours but we usually claim 2-5 business days just to be safe.

Does you charge for shipping?
We do however charge handling fees for small orders. There is a $3 small order handling fee for orders under $20. There is NO handling fee for orders above $20.       We only have these handling fees since it can be very time consuming, costly for packaging, and inconvenient to ship single small items. Please note that you are responsible for paying all UPS or Freight shipping charges. We DO NOT offer free UPS shipping or free Freight shipping.

Which shipping providers do you use?
At this time, Guardian ships all orders less than 150 pounds via UPS. Orders over 150 pounds are considered freight, and will ship via the best method available.        For these orders, the Guardian team will follow up with us directly after your purchase to verify individual details.

What is your policy on returns and refunds? Please see our full refund and return policy.

We understand that you may have questions that are not located here, please feel free to email us your questions at; info@prepareforsurvival.today



Any survival situation is inherently dangerous and could result in your or any other survivor's injury, maiming or death.

The sale of, endorsement, or recommendation of any products, supplies, services, or techniques does not constitute a guaranty or warranty the products, supplies, services, or techniques will function when needed in a survival or emergency situation.

The purchase or use of products from PrepareForSurvival.Today cannot guarantee your survival or prevent injuries. Because any survival situation can expose you, or someone with you, to hazards or risks that may result in harm, personal injuries, or death, does not guarantee that the use of this of any of our products will prevent any of these risks. The purchaser or user assumes all risks and Holds Harmless, PrepareForSurvival.Today, for any use or misuse of any products purchased, or for any harm, damage, personal injuries or death as a result of the use of these products or as a result of the survival situation. Our products are for survival purposes only. Our products cannot deal with all survival circumstances a person may find themselves in during a survival situation. 

Select and use survival products, supplies, services, and techniques at your own risk!